The joy of vegetable plot planning

There’s something very satisfying about the process of designing a vegetable garden. Whether you have several acres or just a small back yard, selecting the vegetables and fruits that you love, working out what will grow in your environment and sketching up a planting plan is a seriously happy thing.

I know that I should be focussing on practical things with the house build, but I can’t help sneaking a peek at books on raised beds, cold frames and no-dig gardening. I don’t dare go near the seed catalogues any time soon as it’s all far too premature – we won’t be planting vegetables on the croft for at least another year, but I convince myself that a planting plan now is a sensible thing to spend time on!

Please ignore the seed packets. This is a wonderful little company but I’m not buying anything yet. Honestly. However heritage and helpful and lovely they are.

It doesn’t help that I get serious garden envy from reading blogs with wonderful, established kitchen gardens where the owners are almost totally self sufficient in fabulous, organic produce. Like The Big Garden and Totally inspirational – thanks guys.

I know that to get to this stage has probably taken years of hard work, mistakes and learning. I know that the first year on the croft will be one of watching and listening, preparing, and taking much experienced local advice if I’m not to completely balls things up. I don’t mind making mistakes – it’s all part of the learning process. I’m just impatient now to start.

I’m going to start small, segregating a south-east facing part of the croft close to the house for raised beds. We’re talking about composting, and building a wormery, which husband has had great success with in the past. I’d like to grow a herb bed, and a few vegetable beds, and a fruit bed. And we want to plant an orchard with hardy apple varieties. And maybe even try growing nuts in a sheltered space, which I know may be a step too far on Skye, but what the hell, it’s worth a try.


10 Replies to “The joy of vegetable plot planning”

  1. Have you heard of Back to Eden? Vegan friends of ours have gone self sufficient on this method. It uses the no rig method and gets the soil to ‘heal’ itself organically. It can take a few years to really get heavy yields but look it up on you tube!

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    1. I have read about it – looks interesting! How long have they been using this method? Is it working for them, I wonder? Would be great to know ☺️


  2. Welcome to the clan of indefatigable gardeners who have delusions about growing vegetables in these climatically challenging islands. I will be avidly following your progress.
    If you can try to find a load of seaweed to add to your manure and a big compost bin with at least two sections. Your thin soil will eat organic matter at an astonishing rate!

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    1. Thanks Croftgarden! Am planning compost bins, worm bins and seaweed – anything we can layer on to raise the nutrient levels. Where do you garden/Croft?


      1. Yay! Your support for another mad rookie crofter is very much appreciated. I’m sure we’ll make it over at some point once we’ve relocated. Thank you! 😘


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