The mucky boot room


As we’re hoping to complete the contracts for the croft in the next few weeks, we’re starting to think about the design of the croft house that we need to build in readiness for the submission of planning permission.

One of the things that we’re very conscious of is the need for a big working utility area. And a boot room.

The island is often wet and cold which necessitates lots of storage for coats and muddy boots if we’re not to bring the weather into what we hope to be a cosy, dry living space. Let alone find room for the collection of disgraceful hats, flat caps and old ratty knits that I know are going to adorn the pegs in profusion.

Interestingly, many of the designs that we’ve looked at here bring the main entrance into the house through the back, preferably on the leeward side of the prevailing wind, and through a boot room and/or a utility room before decanting into the kitchen or living area. This seems eminently practical to us and we will incorporate this into any house that we build along with a wind break.

One of the blogs that I saw recently on house build contained an interview with a couple who built their own home, but who failed to include a utility room area, and it’s the one thing that they called out as an essential miss.  I guess for veg preparation, dogs, storage, drying washing, homebrew or whatever we all do that takes up space or is wet and mucky it’s something we mustn’t miss!

So boot room space we shall have.

5 Replies to “The mucky boot room”

  1. I wish our “boot room” was as elegant and tidy as the one the your illustration! You will be surprised how many pairs of boots/wellies and waterproofs/working jackets and hats are essential for croft life.
    It is also essential that the door is sheltered from the prevailing wind, otherwise you may find yourself pinned to the wall by the wind and unable to open the door. Don’t laugh too much, it happened to me on a stormy afternoon when it was my turn to fill the log basket. Second tip – a wood buring stove will keep you warm when the power goes off (as it often does in this part of the world) and keep at least one spare basket of logs indoors.

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    1. And I am sure that ours won’t look anything like this, sadly. This is a pic from a magazine… our reality will be rather less glorious I suspect. Wet coats, old boots, mud…


  2. J & D > A boot room is essential. In our case, it is also the tool-shed/potting-shed/pantry building, which is just a few strides (very sheltered) from the back porch of the house. Not ideal, but it works fine. Some folk have home cinema rooms, folk like us have boot rooms. ;~)

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