Fallen trees and a soggy bottom

It’s been a bizarely warm, cloudy day today on Skye, but we’re here! We spent the afternoon taking soil samples and exploring the croft with planting plans in mind, and it was so mild that we left our waterproofs hanging on a fence. Not at all like February.

On the western boundary of the croft is a grove of trees, providing a welcome shelter belt. At some point in the past an enormous fir tree was felled, and the trunk, denuded over time of it’s branches, still lies there.

We explored the bottom of the croft more thoroughly, a rough, overgrown area that borders the high moorland and common grazings at the back of where the house will be built.

We knew that there was a burn on the western boundary of the croft, running between us and our neighbour, but what we didn’t know was that there was a small tributary stream that runs through our land which joins the main burn, hidden in a low dip to the north.

It’s quite magical. The trees overhang the cut that the stream has carved for itself out of the bank. Everything is green, mossy and lichen-covered. Today the only sound was the gurgling of the stream, the occasional bleat of sheep and the song of the birds.

Our very own soggy bottom.

7 Replies to “Fallen trees and a soggy bottom”

  1. The country looks so beautiful, yet so wild… I love the way you tell the story and really love the Soggy Bottom. I don’t know if you are familiar with one of George Clooney earlier movies, anyway, the Soggy Bottom Boys were the band that he had in the show. I have the movie here and it is an old-time funny..Just thought I would share that little bit of trivia.

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    1. I have indeed seen the film – it’s Oh Brother Where Art Thou? I think… and the Soggy Bottom Boys were the inspiration for the name of this post! ☺️
      Well spotted. Thank you for taking the time to comment. This is the Isle of Skye which is where we are building a home. Welcome along for the journey!

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