Kitchen conundrums

Kitchen – Image: The Indigo House

I think of the kitchen as my space in a home. It’s where I spend most of my time, where I create, and more often than not in recent years, where we eat. So I want to get it right.

Despite being ancient and having lived with more kitchens than most people have had hot dinners (which you would think would have filled me with the wisdom of Oracles) I’m finding myself struggling with the design of my perfect kitchen.

There’s simply too much choice.

I’m trying to keep it simple, basic, streamlined and uncluttered, but with the important elements being the best quality that we can afford. We hope that we will have this kitchen for a very long time. What doesn’t help is that we have a lot of stuff…

In support of this, and as well as a mammoth clear-out planned, we’ve designed in a separate pantry and utility room for all the cleaning stuff, laundry, home bottling, dog things, preserves, bags of flour and all the less glamorous yet essential bits of everyday living that drive me crazy if I have to battle my way through them in order to cook.

I’m sure about a couple of things, though, born of many years of kitchen frustration.

1. Worktops – I want my kitchen worktops to have heat-proof surfaces, because I’m tired of trying to wrestle things out of the oven and having to balance them on trivets or onto the hob in order to get to their contents.

2. Cupboards – I want accessible cupboards, or preferably, drawers. Being only 5″4′ I find that most overhead kitchen cupboards are just too high to be usable for me, and badly planned low-level cupboards require the arms of an octopus to get to the areas at the back.

You have no idea the number of times I’ve cleared out a cupboard after many years of use only to find something pushed to the back which has developed a new life form..

3. Lighting – lastly, well planned lighting. Most kitchens that I’ve used have badly thought through, non-directional, inadequate lighting. There’s nothing worse (or dangerous) than trying to chop things standing in your own shadow.

We will need to plan this well 🤔

6 Replies to “Kitchen conundrums”

  1. Planning the kitchen is one of the best parts and I’m sure you don’t really need our help.
    Work surfaces: in our last kitchen we had granite and now we have quartz. Both are good, but the granite need more work to keep it looking perfect. The quartz is probably better, it has a good level of heat resistance, but you need to treat it with respect. It also comes in some great colours, we almost gave the architects apoplexy when we insisted on bright red! I’d also have an upstand at the back with glass splashbacks, especially behind the hob.
    I’m taller than you and still would not have wall cupboards. We have draws (which are brilliant) and just a few narrow open shelves for tea caddies, bottles of oils and vinegars etc.
    Hope this helps.

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    1. Thanks, that does help. I’ve been looking at quartz as I love the colours and Matt finishes that you can get, but was a bit curious about heat resistance. I’m assuming as there is resin mixed in with the stone that a hot pan out of the oven straight into the surface wouldn’t be recommended?


  2. The shaker style seems popular at the minute, I rescued an bespoke oak kitchen for a few hundred pounds to build my new kitchen! I love the fact it has a new lease of life, the appliances, pantry units, extractor and double oven were an amazing bonus. I puzzled it together, this Meant I could set a bit aside for fantastic Stone effect tiles! Your croft will be amazing, enjoy creating!

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