Urban Life Pruning

Husband and I have what I think of as a typical, complicated, overloaded modern existence, made worse by the coalition of our previous lives into one when we married three years ago.

With the relationship came lots and lots of stuff accumulated over many years from previous houses, studios and flats. Far too much stuff, to be honest.

We have multiples of everything and many thousands of books. It became clear when we started planning the move to our croft that we had to start pruning our possessions before we moved. Because what we’re building is a small house on Skye which hasn’t got a hope in hell of holding it all.

So it began this week.

To be honest, after a long, hard day at work the last thing that either of us want to do is carry boxes up from the garage and sort through them, but we’ve set ourselves the goal of five boxes a week.

Every week for the rest of this year.

We’re already looking at bulk loads of bin bags and the local charity shops are going to love us 😂…..

It’s like a penance….

If this doesn’t cure us of a tendency to buy too much or hang onto things that we don’t need, I don’t know what will!

2 Replies to “Urban Life Pruning”

  1. I wish you luck with sorting your ‘stuff’. It’s quite a task as I know well! After moving from a large house to a smaller one and also very large studio to (soon to be new one (smaller) I have had to review ‘stuff; I did quite a bit on the initial move then on the death of my husband but stuff still seems to pop up. Books are definitely the tough ones. I had plenty of reference books that were old friends but with the advent of the internet not really necessary. Then again some art books, old friends. to dispose of some things, besides charity stores, I discovered FB Marketplace and for my area was surprised to discover that Sunday was a good time to post things for sale. The additional benefit was that purchasers collected. I still have a way to go, but find like the lightened load a lot. Good luck with all your boxes.

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    1. Thank you Linda! FB Marketplace and EBay will both definitely get tried. I’m hoping that it’s quite a cathartic process and that there is a feeling of some “lightness” at the end….


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