Definitely wall hung.. as the actress said to the bishop

Only those of you of a certain age and a certain lack of delicacy will get that….I am not going to explain for those of you who don’t.

Apparently, the latest thing in bathroom chic is to have your bathroom appliances (eg. toilet and washbasin) suspended from the wall. Nothing between them and the ground except fresh air and a tremulous fear of suspension.

Why? I asked the bathroom consultant. What’s wrong with them being floor mounted? Have they not been that way since time immemorial?

Difficult to clean, he said, delicately. You have men in your home?

I sort of get that swishing a mop under a wall mounted toilet is easy, but seriously? How difficult is swishing it around the base of a floor mounted toilet?

Perhaps it requires manoeuvres that the current generation haven’t evolved or mastered. Maybe I get that. But I also get that the process of house specification has a lot to do with trends, and I had seriously missed that even a basic croft house would be subject to that.

I am finding the process of specifying flooring, sanitary ware, tiles, kitchen units and worktops much more tiring than I expected.

It’s such a privilege to be able to do this in some ways, and so important to get right, but the endless choice is so wearying. Some days I just want to curl up and have someone present me with my perfect kitchen/bathroom and say…

Yes! It can be yours, and it’s within budget….

I’m focusing on the fun.

10 Replies to “Definitely wall hung.. as the actress said to the bishop”

  1. I’m gently smiling at this. Budget is definitely a consideration, but also how are choices made now going to hold up, once things are finished? I was born at a time when the loo was outside at the bottom of the garden, when I had to make the choice of fittings for a wet room for my late husband I did smile wryly to myself as I ordered the ‘wall’ hung loo (for the, ahem, same reason as mentioned by your sales guy) as well as the more obvious reason reason that it was going in a ‘wet’ and the clearer the floor the better. I also recall the ‘coloured’ bathroom suites that became fashionable that now so date a property. I choose white for the simple reason that it’s easier to decorate than chance the suite. It’s probably worth noting, for those that don’t know, that the ‘wall’ ‘hung’ loo/sink is actually hung on a strong metal frame that has its feet on the floor, the frame is then hidden by tiles. That frame is quite a cost (but careful sourcing can reduce that cost). I’m not a fan of ‘wet rooms’ per se, because, yes they get, wet. I do love that they can be sluiced down and that is a great help in certain circumstances. It’s in those circumstances that having a hung loo is great. No matter how well a floor standing loo is cleaned it still can have the tendency to be difficult to get at right at the back, it’s harder work and I’m all for using modern concept to cut that sort of work down, so I guess it’s choice and where you decide to spend your budget. Ideally some things need doing at the get-go, they are too much to change once the build is done so I guess bathrooms are worth giving a lot of thought to. It is tiring making decisions but better to work on them now and not end up with either false economy or the wrong one. For me the right one was the wall hung loo, the wrong one was the additional expense of Travertine tiles, (which then needed a sealing coat) when ceramic tiles would have done as well if not better. I didn’t really have a chance to research enough, I was caring for my Alzheimer’s suffering husband.There are always distractions from decision making, what starts as fun can soon become a chore, so the trick is to play as many scenarios for the space you are making choices for. Will you wash a pet dog in there? Wet rooms are ideal for that (after always having pets I no longer have any, just have visiting pet friends on occasion),so unlikely to need to wash a dog! What else might you use it for? How long are you going to be fit, can you attempt a future proof design in with your needs now? After my husband died the wet room is not used so much, just by guests or myself when my body seizes up as it does sometimes, so the additional considerable expense of the tiles would have been better spent somewhere else! Oh well, that’s life. Happy decision making.

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    1. Thank you Linda. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I think we’re actually going to go with wall-hung, despite my initial scepticism. And on the tiles front, our journey to the same conclusion mirrors one other. I started by saying it had to be a stone floor like slate, then realised that porcelain tiles or other flooring can look as good and would be much easier to keep. We are also installing a handrail, as I’m not too proud to admit that it won’t be too long until I may need one!

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  2. I had to google “as the actress said to the bishop”. You Brits have the best phrases/words!

    Regarding this high-brow toilet, seems like it might be more complicated to replace when the time comes?

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    1. Averyl, as long as the wall fitting is in place, I’m hoping that if we ever need to replace the toilet itself, that it should be a universal fitting… that’s my hope, anyway 👍

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  3. 😂 This made me laugh, I have to admit! I understand the decision fatigue and love the idea of being handed your dream kitchen, on budget! It’ll be worth it when it all comes together though. Our worktops are arriving today and I’ve got to admit I’m rather excited! Just think how good it’ll feel when you see your chosen wall-hung toilet, hung…erm…well. 😉

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      1. We went for a white, man-made quartz worktop, with a little bit of grey in – like a subtle marble. It’s called Branco Venatino (from Beltrami Quartz Surfaces). We got a local firm to cut it and they sourced it too. It was a tricky choice, as we’re both Geologists and can spot a fake rock a mile off! But we also felt it would be nice to have something simple that didn’t make us think of work all the time! It’s also really hard wearing and doesn’t stain (I’m promised). Keeping my fingers crossed that it looks like we’re expecting it too! 😬 Have you decided on yours yet?

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      2. Sounds lovely’s We’re looking at a grey silestone, very similar. My only small concern is with hot pans, so I’d be really pleased to hear how you get on with it, as all the obvious advantages of this material seem to outweigh the slightly small disadvantage of complete heat resistance. Hope it looks good for you!

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      3. So I’m told that this is better wearing and heat resistant than the silestone brand itself, but essentially we’re having to just take someone’s word for it, so I wouldn’t like to promise. Having said that, I was less worried about heat resistance than anything else, because 16years of renting (often with plastic worktops) gets you in the habit of using a trivet. 😂 I’m planning to buy some pretty ones early on, so I don’t loose the habit! But I’ll let you know if we have any problems.

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