Comfort Apple Cake

It’s been agonisingly slow waiting for the Energy Consultant’s assessment to come through, at long last enabling the building warrant to be finalised.

Whilst we can do no more to progress things with the house build I’ve been comfort baking this weekend.

Dorset Apple cake and a cup of tea on this drizzly, grey London Sunday.

8 Replies to “Comfort Apple Cake”

    1. Dorset Apple cake
      8oz self raising flour
      4oz butter
      4oz sugar
      2oz sultanas or currants
      12oz roughly chopped peeled apples, a few slices reserved for the top of the cake

      2oz butter
      1 heaped tablespoons granulated sugar
      0.25 teaspoon cinnamon

      1. Oven 180 degrees centigrade. Grease and line a 7inch baking tin.

      2. In a bowl, rub together butter and flour until like breadcrumbs. Add sugar, sultanas and chopped apples.
      3. Add milk until mixture is a dropping consistency
      4. Turn into prepared tin, adding apples slices to the top if you wish, and bake 45 mins- 1 hour until a skewer comes out clean
      5. Whilst cake is still warm, mix topping and spread over the top. Cool and slice

      Enjoy! It’s very simple x

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      1. The topping is absolutely optional. The picture I took was before this was added. It’s an easy method and very simple ingredients, as well as a delicious cake 🍰

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