Naming the house

Skye is a Gaelic speaking island, and is rightly proud of its culture and protective of its language.

As such, we’ve been thinking carefully about naming the house, and have decided that we will give it a name in Gaelic, however much we may struggle initially to pronounce it…

The lane running up to the croft is an un-named, single track road with several houses connected to it, each with long, winding access roads of their own. I have no idea how the Postie works out what post goes where, but many of the houses appear to be un-named or un-numbered, and we don’t want to add to that confusion.

Advice from the local Gaelic College on our doorstep, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, has been both helpful and free. They’ve suggested that using the term Taigh (house) rather than Croit (croft) for naming purposes is more in keeping with local practice.

We considered Stone House, but that was a bit misleading, as it’s a house built of wood, a larch house. We looked at the Gaelic names for Rowan House, Larch House, Woodland House and many others, but all were either taken already by houses close by, or didn’t feel quite right.

The house is up on a hillside overlooking the Sound of Sleat, and at the back of the croft we have a community of crows or ravens nesting in one of the big trees next to the stream. Ravens have always been special to me.

As such, we’ve decided to call it Taigh an Fhithich, or House of Ravens.

We’ve also found a local stone carver who will make us a house sign from stone. I’ve admired his work for ages. As such it was stone and font selection this weekend, and he’ll work on the house sign over the winter in readiness for the site preparation next Spring. Exciting!




7 Replies to “Naming the house”

    1. I think that to be properly effective, and thoroughly versed, you’ll need to come up in person and practice in situ. With tea and cake ☺️


  1. I love that! It’s perfect. We have discussed giving our home a name as well, although we’d be a little late to the game given that we’ve lived there for almost fourteen years now! We have lots of Pileated Woodpeckers that nest in the woods surrounding our home and they also love to perch in the Magnolia tree in our front yard. I wonder what that would be in Gaelic? Probably not nearly as elegant sounding as the word for Raven. 🙂

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    1. Woodpecker in Scots Gaelic is Brog-Coille, so I’m not sure whether you could do anything with that? Bothan Brig-Coille, perhaps? (the little house of Woodpeckers) ☺️


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