A thousand things

It seems that there are always a thousand things to think about at any given point in a house build project.

At this precise moment we’re appointing a Quantity Surveyor to manage and oversee the build quotes, and get a more accurate projection of build costs for budget. We’re hoping to have costs through and an idea of possible build start dates in the next few weeks.

We’re also looking at flooring in more detail again. The bathrooms, entrance hall and utility room will all be tiled for practicality, and although I started off considering stone floors, the maintenance requirement for regular re-sealing has put me off a little, and I’m now thinking more of big, matt finish porcelain tiles.

Samples will be winging their way through the post over the next few weeks so that we can narrow down the selection.

In parallel, we’re waiting to hear whether the Forestry Commission managed to get out to the croft before Christmas as they were hoping to in order to survey the land from a tree planting perspective.

It all feels as if it’s on the very cusp of happening. Just a few inches further…☺️

6 Replies to “A thousand things”

  1. I think you are wise to go for flooring that is more maintenance friendly. I’m getting more and more to the point of keeping things simple and to that end have been de-cluttering and it feels good. I’ve pretty much gone along the line of MarieKondo and it works for me.Good luck with all the next steps.

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    1. Thanks Linda. As I’m getting older I’m starting at long last to get more practical. It’s only taken 57 years! 😊 Glad that the de-cluttering is feeling good. We have much more of that to do. How’s the studio coming along?


  2. I guess some sort of wisdom comes with age, I’m older than you and hope to be more practical by the time I’m 100! Studio is moving along, snails pace but moving. I had pneumonia, and aftermath slowing me down but have been in Wales and felt better for lots of sea air. Came back with found huge driftwood log that seems to be imparting energy to me!

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  3. Not sure how you’re doing it to be honest.

    We’ve run into issues with shower panels. We don’t want tiles because of the issues with grout and maintaining it, but making a decision has been complicated because of the never-ending options of composition and colours.

    So we’re struggling with just one small aspect our master bathroom. I can’t even imagine how daunting and difficult it must be to decide on every aspect of building your house from scratch. Hat off to you.

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    1. It’s chaotic! One decision at a time, to be honest. And I’m sure that in the sheer volume of things that we’ll make mistakes and get some things wrong. I’m trying not to get stressed or be a perfectionist and remind myself often that it’s just a house. It’s what we do with it afterwards that turns it into a home.
      Best of luck with the shower panel decisions! It’s tough.


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