The static looms….

We have been working our way through costs as meticulously as we can before the build actually starts. The architects estimates were way out. By a country mile.

It’s becoming clear that the only way that we can complete this project is to strip out £100k of costs, and that means a few things are sadly certain.

Firstly, that there is no way that we can afford the builders to do more than build the house. Groundworks, access road, house erection, cladding, guttering and windows. Everything else we will need to do ourselves.

Secondly, we will need to put a static caravan on the land and at some point move into it in order to finish the work. I suspect this means a Highland winter and Christmas in a caravan… 😬

Thirdly, there isn’t any chance that it will be complete as planned this year. The exterior build should be complete by the summer, but the interior will take us much longer to complete than it would with professional builders and will probably run into next year.

We will be offline whilst we finalise plans and put some things in motion.

Check in again soon!

Send warm socks!

15 Replies to “The static looms….”

  1. Uggghh :/
    Things always come in at alot more than they initially “quoted”.
    One thing we have always done to cut costs, is to keep an eye out on ebay for a 2nd hand custom kitchen and then fit that, as we save a fortune that way!
    That is what we are doing up at our place!
    Bought a huge custom built kitchen from a private estate down in Basingstoke and brought it up, and it cost £600 at Auction!
    Sometimes you can put together a more interesting decor than you initially planned, as you find things that will work and the idea morphs to accomodate them!

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    1. Thank you Katrina. That’s a great idea. The fittings aren’t actually that expensive compared to the labour quotes for the work to install, lay floors, wire the house etc. But that’s a great idea. I know it’s pricier than normal finding builders on an island, and that the island builders can pick and choose their work as it’s so busy at the moment for them, but honestly, the rates that are being charged are blushingly over-inflated. We can do a lot of the work ourselves if we have to..😬


  2. There is no better motivator for completing a house than living in a caravan 😉 through winter ! at last a couple who do want socks for Christmas – xxx

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  3. Ugh. I’m sorry it’s turning out to be such a complicated and expensive process. I have never built a house, but you always hear about how it goes way over cost.

    BUT…at least you’ll finally be there! On your land. On Skye. In Scotland! And just think of the fun posts you can write detailing your DIY adventure. 😀

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    1. You’re right – despite the challenges we are committed to doing this. It’s just a wee bit more complex and slow than we’d hope. It will still be worth it 👍

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  4. I know it’s little consolation to you now, but anything worth fighting for is worth the struggle. Keep at it, and stay flexible with your plans. At least you will be there. You will get there and you will look back and see how far you’ve come. Cut your outlay down to the basics and then add a little bit at a time as you grow.

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  5. The estimate versus actual quote scenario is painful and agonising to deal with… good luck trimming the budget, but I’m sure you’ll get there in the end. We’ve started to discover the benefit of local salvage yards…

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    1. Sounds great. There are some things (plumbing) that we can’t do, but the rest we can learn or do slowly. Husband is secretly pleased I think as he will at least know what is underneath the floorboards and behind the plasterboard (having seen too many botched “professional” jobs before. It will just take longer. That’s fine, I think. We will learn

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