Linen addiction

The January sales are always a temptation, although I try hard to use them just to buy things that I really need.

This year, thinking ahead to life on the island, I’ve looked at our bedding supplies carefully and decided that a bit of a root-through is needed.

We have lots of old bedding from previous lives that I will keep and cut up for cleaning cloths and studio use, but a few more duvet covers and sheets wouldn’t go amiss. Especially in brushed cotton (or flanelette, as some of you may know it).

This is a soft cotton with its’ nappe raised through brushing as part of the manufacturing process, rendering it warm and comfortable to the touch. Perfect for colder nights and mornings.

I confess to being a bit of a textile junkie, and I love a bargain. I have always bought my bedding in the sales whenever possible so that I can buy the best for less. 😉

It’s a good thing that we have a large linen cupboard built into the new house so that I can store our bedding and towels…. but we could also do with a bit of a towel sort out. A few more big, comfy bath sheets for when we have both kids home might not be a bad idea, although my husband will raise eyes skywards at me suggesting that we might need more..!

I rarely throw out the slightly thin or ratty towels. They will simply get repurposed and will be kept in the utility room for muddy paws, the garden or emergency mopping-up. There’s always a use somewhere 😊.